Thursday, August 2, 2012


I propose a network for gentleman who speak, or wish to learn, the Language of Timeless Style, i.e. The Brotherhood of Menswear. This blog will honor the past and living masters of this art. Come admire and learn from style icons from Beau Brummel (Patron Saint of the Brotherhood) to Ralph Lauren. Click on your favorite brothers as they appear, Cary Grant, Fred Astair, The Duke of Windsor etc., consider their ways and be wise.

 I would also like to enroll the most knowledgeable dressers and help them find, sell or donate parts of their wardrobes.
We could form a network for collectors and also clothe the needy, homeless and unemployed for free.
The Brotherhood  could use the very top pieces it collects or iconic wardrobes (i.e. Ralph Lauren or Tom Ford) for charity fashion show events.
I would like to introduce the idea of Male Dressing Competitions as a real Competitive Sport! Anyone with connections to reality TV, I've got a completely developed original idea here, please make yourselves known! 

Company Overview
 I propose a marketplace/network with a database that would allow for collectors to expand, sell or donate parts of their men's wardrobe collections. Most true Brothers collect SOME catagory from Vintage watches and cufflinks to flight jackets and Hawiians. For the first time they will be able to find gentleman of the same size and interest catagory.
The Brotherhood could also provide expertise so members can get full value for high-end charitable donations and not be hassled by the IRS (Savation Army can't help you but we can!).
The Brotherhood could provide free wardrobe chits to the needy, homeless and unemployed.
Grading and sorting donations could provide temporary employment for those with this need.
The Brotherhood could run resale venues online and eventually in the real world. Knowledgeable volunteers could man everything from donation thrift shops to Male Upscale Resale stores. 

A network for Brother collectors of categories of men's clothing, accessories and jewelry. For a proposed $10 yearly membership fee Brothers can buy, sell or trade collectibles with only a nominal percentage (10%) going to the Brotherhood.
That's right you get to keep 90% of whatever you sell on the network! Better than eBay, I should know is where I sell my collectible menswear now.
Brothers can also use the network to take care of their estates and collections when they pass. Collectors can know that their items will go to those who appreciate them.

General Information
Tom Osher, the Men's Vintage Connoisseur, wants to create a "Win-Win" scenario where we can all "Do well by doing good"! Your self-interest is served in expanding, contracting or disposing of your personal wardrobe and collections.
Donations and profits from transactions fund the organization's projects and charitable work with the needy and someday a free "Dress for Success" work wear store for the unemployed.

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